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Magnum Construction Images
Your gutters and downspouts are very important for the over-all condition of your home. When you divert rainfall away from your foundation it creates a line of defense for your basement or crawl space. Along with protecting your foundation, a well functioning gutter system helps to preserve precious topsoil and prevents immature damage to siding and trim which leads to wood rot or paint damage. Our main goal is to provide customers with a gutter system that ensures you will not have drainage problems in the future. When you choose Magnum Construction, we will install a high quality gutter system for you, providing a highly efficient drainage system for your home year round!


There are a lot of window contractors around, but Magnum Construction is your best choice when you decide to upgrade your windows. Our team of professionals provide full scale service to all of our clients. We take the extra steps to provide superior customer service which always saves homeowners time and more importantly, money. Weve been in the industry for a long time, giving us the necessary experience for successful window installation projects. Our skilled craftsmen will help you at every step of the new window process, prividing you with any consultations free of charge! We use only the best materials and equipment during the windows installation process. We constantly strive to be the best in the industry, which is why complete customer satisfaction is at the very top of our to-do list!
Magnum Construction Images


Magnum Construction Images
Your Home's exterior needs routine upkeep and maintenance to stay in good condition. This is especially true for your siding. Occasional pressure washing does help keep your siding clean, but there will always come a time when you need to do a complete siding replacement. Years of harsh weather conditions and damage from pests can cause your siding to start breaking down. Fading can set in from prolonged sun exposure, hail can cause holes and dents, and moisture can cause your siding to rot. It its vital to pay close attention to these common signs of siding damage, doing so will help you determine if and when you need a siding replacement. We are full service siding installation experts!
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